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  1. haranath

    Madam can u please give insights about you

  2. Mary Jones

    I checked this site. The owner is Frank Belanger from Many years ago I tried golden-systems but the system did not bring profit to me. I’m sorry but I have no intention of testing another his progressive system.

  3. Mario

    Great betting site. I am a daily visitor. Will you be kind to test results looks too good.

    1. Mary Jones

      Hi Mario, Sorry for late reply, I was looking all about this site and I can say that something stinks here. But let’s try.

      1. Mario

        Mary! will you or did you test the hurvajztipy?

        1. Mary Jones

          I’m sorry, I forgot to put a link to a web site. Check now

  4. Prota

    Hi Mary,
    Thank you, additional tweaks are exellent!
    I don’t have experiance in betting, so i have a few questions:
    1 – When you said “1xbet has great odds for tennis, but I do not recommend to have more than 100$ on account” do you think 100$ top on one bet, or something else (sorry, english is not my native language)?
    2 – The only way i can deposit on my bet account is bank transfer (best choice bet365) and mooving odds and green arrow is not suported here in Serbia (Europe), so if i can only bet on bet365 do you think that i can made profit?
    3 – If i made some some substantial profit is it possible that bet365 can put some restrictions on me?
    4 – London time is now on British Summer Time or GMT+1 (last sunday in march until the last sunday in october). Do you think that we must follow time patern in London (6 months BST and then 6 months GMT) or something else?
    5 – Can you recommend to me some international VISA debut card for deposit and withdrawal (cash machine)?
    Warm regards,

    1. Mary Jones

      Hi Prota,
      Thanks for kind words.
      I sent all answers by email.
      in short
      1. 1xbet has bad reputation, they often froze accounts and steal the money.
      2. try with Skrill or paypal.
      3. Yes, they can limit your stakes.
      4. Just check the offer between 8-9 whole year.
      5. I don’t use any cards for betting. Sorry I don’t know about cards.

  5. Richard

    Hello Mary,

    I would like to ask you something about the 90second tennis system.
    Please write me.

    Thank you

    1. Mary Jones

      Hi Richard,
      Yes, please ask.

  6. Natalya Komissarova

    Want to advertise on your site


    We are a casino and betting company and would like to promote on your site. With who could we discuss the ad placement conditions?

    1. Mary Jones

      Sorry, but after reading comments at other websites we decide to not promote Melbet.

  7. zammy

    i just bought the 90 seconds tennis cash now through
    i tried entered my order number as password to read the tweak but it did not work…please what am i suppose to do?
    order number is GV?????

    1. Mary Jones

      Dear Zammy ,
      Yes, that is your order number. I just logged in to website using your order number and it works. Please try to enter order number as password again.

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